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  1. Male Cats vs. Female Cats: Is There a Personality Difference?
    4/28/2016 · And I’ve had an equal number of affectionate female cats and affectionate male cats. I’m inclined to say there’s no real personality difference between male cats and female cats. “There is no ultimate answer to the question of whether male cats are better pets than female ones and vice versa,” says Emily Parker, writing for Catalogical. 5
  2. Should You Get a Male or Female Cat? - Susan C. Daffron
    8/25/2006 · Female cats are often more cautious and may take longer to trust you. However, once you’ve proven your worth, they too can be very affectionate. Male cats are often significantly larger than female cats. But if you want a calico cat, you pretty much have to get a female. The main disadvantage of male cats is that they “spray.”
  3. Male vs Female Kitten: Which Should You Get? – Purrfect ...
    The Pros and Cons of Female Cats. While many people claim that male cats tend to be more affectionate than female cats, many females are extremely affectionate and sociable. Many people find that spayed female cats become almost maternal to their human companions, and are extremely affectionate, loyal, and sweet.
  4. Male vs Female cats | TheCatSite
    7/22/2010 · Whether spayed or not, they tended to only like a few people or other cats in the house. Showing wise I only had one female (my first breeding rex) that actually liked showing - none of the others did. And except for one male, all of them made lot better show cats. I actually do recommend males (neutered) over females to anyone looking for a pet.
  5. Are male cats or female cats better? - Quora
    My husband and I had two male cats we loved very much. We didn’t choose them at a shelter. They both needed a home and we were at hand, so we took them and were fortunate to have done so. We had them for 15–16 years. When the first of our boys pas...
  6. Male vs Female Maine Coons (Which Gender Is Better For You ...
    8/30/2016 · Male Maine Coon Cat's are more outgoing and tend to love to play with one particular person they are living with. Female Maine Coon Cat's are more calm but get along with more people, or busy ...
  7. Male or female cat? Which one makes better pet?
    7/17/2012 · (05-22-2012, 12:27 AM) Monica9975 Wrote: Well,i prefer to choose female cat.Female cats will be my better pets.(I'm a girl)Female cat is more docile and it looks not too big.It's easier for me to take care of it lol. No cat is too big. They are all small to me. I actually never associated the size of the cats with their gender. (05-22-2012, 05:43 PM) Karenskatz Wrote: I've heard many people ...
  8. Which Cat Is Better - Male or Female? - PetPlace
    12/10/2014 · It is more expensive to spay a female than to neuter a male. Pros for Male Cats: Some believe that male cats are more passive and affectionate. Cons for Male Cats: Male cats may have more behavioral problems. Unneutered males are more apt to stray/wander and get into fights. These comments are very broad generalizations; every cat is different ...
  9. Male vs. Female cats | TheCatSite
    7/11/2006 · You're likely to get lots of varied responses to this question, but in my experience of owning cats (3 male & 3 female, in combos of 2 female, 2 male, and now 1 of each) it's much more about personality of the individual cat than about their gender.
  10. Male or Female Puppy: Which is Better? | petMD
    So you have decided you want a dog, but what to get, male or female? The answer to this question may differ depending on the person that is being asked. Some people actually believe that one sex is better than the other sex. The battle of the sexes is not limited to humans after all. Some believe ...
  11. Do male cats make better pets than female cats - answers.com
    Male cats are pretty much the same as female cats. But if you do not fix your male cat before it is about six months old, it will mark it's territory and may want to roam looking for a female in heat.
  12. Are female cats better hunters than male - answers.com
    Well, in our school, we did a survey of the whole school of the people who had cats and wether their female or male and it seemed that the female cat, produces more of the male gender then the ...
  13. The Differences Between Male And Female Cats: How To Tell ...
    9/6/2018 · How To Tell Between Them The most obvious difference between male and female cats is their gender. ... of whether male cats are better pets than female ones and vice versa. ... to help other ...
  14. Should I Adopt a Male or Female Kitten and Why?
    Should I Adopt a Male or Female Kitten and Why? Share this post: Originally post Mar 16, 2017. This is a question a lot of people interested in adopting a Ragdoll cat ask. Many people say that male Ragdolls tend to be sweeter, but plenty of owners of female Ragdoll cats would say the opposite. ... While some believe that male cats have better ...
  15. Choosing a Companion for Your Cat - The Conscious Cat
    5/22/2012 · Try to choose a new cat who is the same size or slightly smaller than your resident cat. Gender. Male (neutered) cats are generally believed to be more accepting of other cats, both male and female. Even though this has not been my experience, female cats …
  16. Male Cat Behavior Characteristics | LoveToKnow
    A male would not consider mutually grooming another male but may wash the head and shoulders of a favored female cat. Caterwauling Is a Common Behavior in Male Cats If you've ever been kept awake at night by the sounds of yowling cats , the chances you were listening to caterwauling.
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